So, your beginners can now play tunes where all have the same rhythm. Now you want to teach them to play a line while others are playing a different rhythmic line. How about doing rounds?  Here are some available for strings, and some for band, by Jay Berwanger.  Go for it!!

 Round Sheet 1 for Strings

 Round Sheet 1 for Band 

 Round Sheet 2 for Strings

 Round Sheet 2 for Band 

Jay's Catalog


The Gettysburg Address//audio//Grade 3 (easy)//$24.95


Civil War Medley//audio//Grade 3//Bair//$24.95



Swingin' On Out// audio//Grade One//Beachy// $18.95



Attitudes//audio//Grade 4//Bair//$29.95


A Jazzy Holiday//audio//Grade 3//Bair//$24.95


Perpetual Motion 2//Grade one strings//audio//Berwanger//18.95

WIFI Fiddles//Grade one strings//audio//Berwanger//18.95 




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All pieces are sent as pdf computer files.  Music is sent directly to your email.

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