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Middle & High School Strings



The music of Sheldon Bair

About Sheldon Bair


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The Richmond County Orchestra  ended its concert with your piece, and I have to tell you, not only did the audience sing along robustly, but they were on their feet applauding at the final tutti orchestra chord, just before the orchestra sang "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".
Alan Aurelia-Richmond County Orchestra

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Grade 2 Composer Price Item # Audio  
Bubbles Bair $24.95 SB18 SB18A  
Cool Deep Bair $24.95 SB14 SB14A  
Holiday Airs Bair $24.95 SB01 SB01A  

"The arrangement of I Saw Three Ships and The Holly and the Ivy in Sheldon's Holiday Airs is a good combination for beginning String students.  It is an easy selection, with a good full sound in 3/4 time.  I used this piece for my entire sixth through eighth grade groups to perform together and they enjoyed these melodies and the opportunity for solos at the end.  It is a beautiful blend of two wonderful Christmas melodies and gets you in the spirit for the season."
 Liz Antwarg-Fallston Middle School

Grade 3 Composer Price Item # Audio  
Spanish Rhapsody (easy) Bair $24.95 SB02 SB02A  
Happy New Year Bair $24.95 SB03 SB03A  
Pine Cones (Polish Folk Song) Bair $24.95 SB04 SB04A  
Be Thou My Vision Bair $24.95 SB23 SB23A  
Fantasy on a French Carol Bair $24.95 SB05 SB05A  
Air and Dance Bair $24.95 SB06 SB06A  
Carols from Canada Bair $24.95 SB07 SB07A  
A Quaker Air Bair $24.95 SB08 SB08A  
The Gettysburg Address Bair $24.95 SB22 SB22A  


Grade 4 Composer Price Item # Audio  


for Antietam (1862)


Bair $29.95 SB09 SB09A  
OK City Blues Bair $29.95 SB13 SB13A  
Irene Bair $29.95 SB16 SB16A  


Grade 5 Composer Price Item # Audio  
A Celtic Journey Bair $29.95 SB10 SB10A  
Chorale Prelude on 'O Lamm Gottes' Bair $29.95 SB11 SB11A  
Chester Variations: Grade 5 for String Quartet; Grade 3 for Orchestra (and solo bass) Billings/Bair $29.95 SB12 SB12A  
Zeh Funky Bair $29.95 SB17 SB17A  
    Grade 6 Composer Price Item # Audio  

    June - Barcarolle     From "The Seasons"

    Tchaikovsky/Bair $34.95 SB15 SB15A  


  • Zachary Bair
    Item #
    "I Am There" Among Them


    Grade 3