Easier than Below Grade One
for Band with or without Strings
"Piece on a Page"

If you think that your beginners cannot possibly perform in the Winter Concert, think again.  These pieces are so simple, so versatile and so effective.

Each instrument has to learn only 4 measures; this becomes 8 measures with repeat.  All instruments can play together and each instrument can perform alone.  The piano accompanies each group.  You can also combine or skip groups.  The 4 measure phrase is made up of only 2 notes (some strings use 3 notes).  Here is how I do it:  We play the 4 measures with repeat together, then each group plays it separately, then we play it together again to finish the song.  This comes to about 2 1/2 minutes for a tune that requires only 4 measures and 2 notes.  I like these because I can concentrate on getting a good sound.  They are also very convenient because most of the parts are on the same page of music so students can look off each other's parts.  And when I pass out music I don't have to search for each individual page.  One page does it all!


           PP1 Cozy and Warm  (B.Beachy) (PP1A)..............................$14.95

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